Quiet Country Elegance

A Safe and Friendly Environment

Seven Oaks Equestrian Center was designed to be a safe and friendly environment for both horses and people.

The main 16 stall barn has a spacious 16 feet wide aisle with multiple sets of crossties. The ceiling of the barn is insulated so that no condensate drips down to irritate horse or owner. All of our stalls are 12'x12' with rubber mats topped by bedding. Each stall has its own water supply , light and electrical outlet. Each stall has an angled-down fan for use during the hot months. The barn has whole barn cooling fans to help with the comfort of the horses and people.

Our horses can enjoy warm water baths in the wash rack with hot and cold spickets. Our boarders are provided with the convenience of having a washer and dryer to wash their horse laundry on site.

The tack rooms (yes, we have one just for KIDS!) are air conditioned and heated to prevent the mold in the summer and cracking in the winter. Our feed room is a sealed, climate controlled room to assure quality in the feed.

To top off the indoor amenities, our bathroom is also climate controlled!

The entire Seven Oaks property is wrapped in Centaur HTP horse safe fencing to prevent problems that come with other types of fencing. Our pastures, ranging in size from 1 acre to 10 acre, help us find the best pasture for your horse. We do not put mares and geldings in the same pastures to help maintain harmony. We try our very best to not change “herds” and to monitor relationships in each pasture.

We offer a riding arena with lights and a full set of show jumpes, and a lighted round pen. These two areas are located at opposite sides of the main barn so that a “frisky” horse in the round pen will not upset a horse in the arena. There is also a grass Dressage ring. We are a riding helmet required facility!

Our front security gate is remote controlled. The gate is closed when the last staffer leaves but boarders are given a code to have 24 hours access to their horse.

Seven Oaks has an isolation area for new horses to maintain the health of the other horses. We also have a “Red Cross” stall for horses that are pastured that need to be stalled for short periods.

Seven Oaks prides itself on its friendly, family atmosphere. We treasure all of the horses and their owners and want them to know they are appreciated. We want to have fun at Seven Oaks and with the Seven Oaks family.

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