Quiet Country Elegance

Boarding at Seven Oaks Equestrian Center is more than convenience,

Clients have free access to all amenities offered by Seven Oaks and of course, the facility is open 24 hours a day to owners. Seven Oaks has no “closed” day and all boarders are given a code to the security gate so that they may see their horses whenever they wish.

As a full care facility, we take pride in giving the most professional care available. The horses are fed Nutrena feed twice a day. Each horse is fed based on their own individual needs,and we are happy to administer supplements and medications provided by the owner. We also have Nutrena Senior Feed for any horses that require it.

As recommended by Auburn University, our horses are de-wormed based on fecal egg counts. Random testing is done. Generally, the horses are de-wormed quarterly by the staff at Seven Oaks. If an owner wishes to de-worm their own horse on a different schedule, fecal testing will be done to assure the best care possible for other horses in the pasture. A small testing fee will be incurred.

A farrier comes regularly and horses are put on a schedule based on consultation with the owner. The staff also assists in keeping track of vaccinations and making sure Coggins tests are kept current. We post scheduled veterinarian appointments so that owners may share “barn call” costs. Our farm veterinarians are on call to Seven Oaks at all times. However, no one is required to use either the farm vet or farrier but may choose to for their own convenience.

Horses that are on Pasture Board are fed in “outside” stalls to assure that each horse eats his or her proper diet. Round bales are supplied during the winter months and when otherwise needed. Each horse is checked twice a day during feeding to determine if illness or injury is evident.

We offer Stall Board and Pasture Board, as well as offer Training Board options with resident Trainer and Barn Manager, Annie Aul:

Stall Board - $400.00
Includes stall, feed twice a day (12 lbs max per day), grass hay in stall, turnout in best suited pasture, stall cleaning once a day seven days a week, fan during summer months for small fee, full use of facility

Pasture Board - $300.00
Includes best suited pasture, feed twice a day (12 lbs max per day), full use of facility

Training Board
Please contact Annie Aul, Barn Manager and Trainer at 706-773-0336 or see

  • auleventing.com
  • See our facility page for more information about the facility itself.